I am a Homemaker.

This means that most of my time the past 37 years has been spent making a home.

Today I’ve refreshed my to-do lists, planned more meals, spot cleaned carpets, vacuumed, refilled all the stuff everyone needs like soap and salt and coffee beans and three-ply, peeled potatoes, baked the meatloaf and zucchini bread, prepped the week’s fresh veggies, scrubbed the dishes, pots and pans, arranged flowers, cleaned the bathroom, laundered towels and rugs, texted friends and family members and scribbled a thank-you card, while simultaneously calling doctors offices and insurance companies on my earpiece (with the usual ‘unusual’ long wait times), worked on calendar and budget, cleaned the fridge, diffused essential oils and organized stuff. Yesterday I made people lattes and breakfast tacos, shopped at Costco for more food to make for people, loaded, paid, unloaded, organized, ran assorted errands, watched the grand kids, ordered a gift and hosted dinner guests. And that’s just a sampling, because you and I know it’s always one more thing, right?

“Waste of time,” some would say.
“Tedious, mundane, unglamorous, no pay, very little appreciation on most days.”
I know. On one hand, they’re right.
No actual paycheck is written to me weekly, and ofttimes I’m invisible.

But this is my calling, my life, my gift to the world…my passion and my burden, my exceeding great joy. To make a home, to build a family, to tirelessly toil on repeat as all homemakers do, and to flex with the seasons as my role has evolved.

To make hubby soup and tea when he’s under the weather, to endeavor to encourage my kids and my daughters-in-law by being there, praying, believing and cheering them on. To love my grandchildren, to enjoy them and impart to them what I have to give, and all the other grands to come. To entertain friends, strangers and strays who happen along our path with a warm welcome, comforting aromas and yummy food.

And somehow I believe that if more women were making homes, we would need less prisons, see fewer divorces and have more love and peace in the world. And if more men did the right thing, their women would be doing just that.

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” – C.S. Lewis


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