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Baby steps count.

Did you start yet? (referring to yesterday’s blog) Did you take the first wobbly, scary, imperfect baby step? Baby steps count, you know. I was thinking more about this last night because in a couple of different areas I’m taking that ‘first…

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Take the first step.

Paralyzed by fear? Daunted by previous disappointment? Crushed by the haters? Timid by temperament? Poor as a church mouse? Desperate for change? Just take the first step. That’s all. It’s seems insignificant in your thinking. How can a tiny little…

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Forget your smart phone.

My morning was crowned by a gourmet, from-scratch birthday breakfast in honor of our thirdborn son. (For the foodies among us: His wife went all out with fresh pineapple and blackberries, glorious, layered luscious Eggs Benedict topped with creamy hollandaise served with sides of…

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