I saw a young father with his first child. Ever so carefully he cradled his new daughter in his loving arms. Awkwardly trying to hold but not crush, protect but not bruise, he and his wife appeared tentative and apprehensive about this new little bundle. Oh, how the days go by. These, who we once so delicately and passionately cared for, receive decreasing levels of parental care and concern. We can become overly confident, a bit cocky, and even presumptuous in our parenting. It would do us well to maintain our careful posture of humility, preserving the fresh “awe” over the privilege of handling a newborn little miracle.

The fact is, parents without a vision dwell carelessly.

As the scent of baby lotion fades, the “dailies” can set in to bog us down and blur our vision. You know well the tedium of everyday life. All that stuff that has to be done: toddlers to chase, meals to make, bills to juggle, the standing 9-5, sticky kitchen floors, dogs to walk, dentists to see, baby-sitters to schedule, holidays to plan. . . it never ends.

Sunrise, sunset, and little by little, too many of us parents forget the destiny residing within our offspring. Blinded to the higher purpose of unlocking the potential in our own flesh and blood, we live predictable lives, blending into the culture around us, playing by the rules, and compromising our standards while lowering our expectations.

We begin to live in the slums of just being a housewife or a bread-winner, going through the motions, when we could be fashioning and forming the malleable clay of our children’s lives.
What are we producing in our homes, with our children, that is going to change our world?
It is high time we realize our destinies lie in our dailies.

Perhaps you’ve never seriously considered the greatness residing in your children. Yes of course, they’re the best thing that ever happened to you, but that ‘special spark’ in them that caught your eye can be snuffed out of your consciousness by the constant interruptions of modern life and the noise of your latest cyber notification.

It’s vital that we unplug, pause long, and consider…..destiny.
What do you ‘see,’ really SEE beyond the now as you observe them?

“Well, Denise, what exactly am I looking for?” you might ask.

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