When someone next to you is shining brightly, it reveals what needs to change in you.

Recently I’ve had a fresh glimpse of the good things in my man…this man I’ve lived with for nearly four decades.

His quiet, unabashed confidence and backbone of steel.

His insane ability to streamline and organize-to ruthlessly purge clutter of every kind, bringing peace and productivity.

His stick-to-itiveness, resourcefulness and dogged determination when his eye is on the prize.

His dependability – he plans ahead and shows up on time every time, never leaving me wondering of his whereabouts in body or in heart.


His wholehearted devotion and uncompromising loyalty to those he loves.

Jim Rohn says, “Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.”

My husband has never been ‘an easy crowd’ sort of guy; just being in his presence places a demand on those around him to excel. It’s born good fruit in my life.

And as his wave of glory overshadows me at the moment, I’m confronted with my own shortcomings.

Marriage is like that.
We take turns being wonderful and just when we think WE are the shizz, the tables turn.
And we are humbled.
It’s sort of like taking a naked painful look in a lighted 10X mirror in midlife.
We want to look away, hoping the imperfections we see aren’t real.

But they are.

And we swallow hard and thank God for the unbelievable grace we’ve been shown.
And then we get out the relevant DIY kit and make efforts to adjust what needs a tune-up.

This is the beauty of covenant.
His strengths balance out my weaknesses today…my strengths balance out his weaknesses tomorrow.

No one’s going anywhere.

I have to wonder if millions of people quit too soon on their mate…just before their ‘wonderful’ emerges?

The Bible says, it’s good for two to walk together then, when one is weak, the other is strong, and they help each other.
This is marriage.
This is covenant.
This is genuine love between a man and a woman.


It’s not Father’s Day, or our Anniversary, or his birthday; it’s just another day in the unfolding story of Gregory and Denise and Co. And I had to mark this spot and highlight it, before we turn the page to tomorrow.

Love you so, my man.

Your Two-Minute Takeaway

  1. Pause and ponder: Life is busy, demanding, and often incredibly stressful. Our marriage relationships bear the brunt of all the overwhelm of modern life. How you ‘feel’ today may not reflect the truth of your commitment to your man or woman. 
  2. Make a list right now of the things you appreciate about your partner – what was it you fell in love with in the beginning? It’s still there, even when it’s hiding under the noise of negativity.
  3. Dismiss what’s bugging you about ‘them’ for a moment and look humbly into that ‘magnifying mirror’ and consider what you could adjust to make your relationship to your mate even better. Then, act on it asap!

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