The book I most remember reading as a young girl was Pollyanna, the best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter that is now considered a classic of children’s literature. (It’s still gold and a great one for girls or boys and a super read-aloud for parents to engage with their kids!) The movie version was released in 1960, starring Haley Mills and Jane Wyman, and I think its colorful cast of characters, beautiful, simple scenery and spirit of innocence made it a timeless, delightful, entertaining work of art.

I loved how Pollyanna spent her days ‘re-framing’ life’s difficult, challenging, unfortunate circumstances, always looking for and finding the silver lining in any situation. If life handed her a wormy apple, she either befriend the worm or handed it to Jimmy so he could go fishing. She was an old soul in a child’s body and her ‘glad-game’ (always seeking something to be glad about) impacted her whole world.

Perhaps she inspired me to seek the ‘glad’ in the not-so-good of life in my formative years; whatever the case, I find myself playing the glad-game daily because I truly believe I’m never a victim, there’s always a flip side, God is in control and there’s always hope.

When I regularly charge out the door on a power walk, earbuds in and eyes straight ahead, I often see a particular gentleman briskly blazing his own trail…blind though he is. Blows my mind how he gets around so quickly, exiting the gated community, venturing out along the busy streets, refusing to be daunted by his circumstances, denying to be handicapped. I love his example. When I catch sight of him, I always ask myself, “what’s your excuse?!” and I walk a bit more intently as I cancel any pity party I might have been planning for myself.

Check it out…and re-frame something in your life.
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