I think our physical health has soooooooooo much to do with every single little thing in our lives! It’s truly a gargantuan issue and relates to every other life issue such as our sleep, energy level, mood, weight, sex life, hopefulness, contentment, exercise or lack thereof, marriage relationship, love life, social life, career, spiritual life and general life success. I truly believe it. If you spend enough time around me you know how I feel about real food, raw food, organic food, GMOs, an active lifestyle….not because I need a hobby horse, but because I know in my knower that I simply cannot truly live without first taking care of my physical health.

I want YOU to find a path to greater health in 2017. If not now, when? If not you, who? Why waste another year wishing, when you have the power to bring positive change to your health and your family’s health? And yes, I said that right: YOU HAVE THE POWER and this interview will prove that truth. No matter your weight, your age, your income level…this 30-minute video knocked my socks off for so many reasons…I wanted to share it with every single person I love. I guarantee you, it’s worth every second of its 30 minute length and it’s fun. Colorful and interesting and creative and hopeful. I beg you, watch this….(and let me know how much you loved it!) And most of all, let me know how it impacted your life! #conquer2017 #neveravictim #noexcuses