So, how would you generally respond?

  1. You get a sniffle, fever, etc., and you head to the cupboard to dig through your assorted drug stash for the over-the-counter product from your nearby pharmacy that most fits your symptoms. If that doesn’t do the trick, you head to Urgent Care hoping for antibiotics and crossing your fingers for answers…OR,
  2. You get a sniffle, fever etc., and immediately do a nasal salt wash, a morning pink salt cleanse, consume lots of raw garlic and fill capsules with specific immune boosting or allergy-fighting therapeutic-grade essential oils to take throughout the day while you also intersperse with multiple doses of sodium ascorbate vitamin C crystalline powder, sip warm lemon-cayenne water, avoiding all dairy and carbs, opting rather for greens, fruits and a clean diet, while also taking hot epsom salt or ginger baths and diffusing more essential oils in the air day and night, etc.*

I’ve practiced both 1. and 2. in my lifetime, but I must say that I’ve found (2.) natural remedies to be incredibly effective and freeing from the chains of common pharmaceuticals.

For me, always turning to modern traditional medicine, (as much as I truly appreciate it when its necessary), felt like a very small box with very few options, usually toxic to the liver and to other body systems. While the drug was relieving my symptoms, the potential side effects were scarier than my illness. Being hungry for a better way, I’ve applied myself to ask, study, listen, learn and implement a variety of natural methods over time, which offer me multiple options to try before I call the doctor.

Do you feel like a slave to medical systems? I long for YOU to be liberated. There’s never been a better time to discover natural remedies. There’s a wealth of free information at your finger tips! I encourage you to begin to dig deeper to find the answers to your health issues from a natural perspective. 2017 could be your year for personal empowerment as it relates to your health.

*I’m not a medical doctor; these methods are a few of my personal applications for greater health which I share from my experience, not as a medical expert.