My daughter-in-law, Heather, continues today with Part 2 of her very practical, inspiring and empowering message on mastering your money. (Find Part 1 on yesterday’s blog) Enjoy!

As I shared in Part 1  it’s the small foxes that spoil the vine. Those seemingly insignificant amounts we spend or don’t spend on a regular basis can change our LIFE landscape drastically. Question: Do you want a fancy pants latte and a Big Mac every day, or do you want to lay on the beaches of Hawaii for 10 days every year?!? Umm…duh, that’s an easy one for me! Mai Tai, please!

 Now I’m not saying live like a poor victim, but choose your splurges wisely. If you like a designer coffee, get one every once in a while, have your glass of wine at home, budget your Nordstrom money, etc. Walking around like a cash machine impresses no one and usually leaves you with years of debt and you will be paying off things you no longer have!
OK time to be honest…
If you are just bad at money, and know you’ll never quite get it right, I suggest you start doing these 2 things:

  • 1 – Get rid of all credit cards.
  • 2 – Set up a savings account at a different bank than your normal checking and have an auto-deposit from your paycheck go there every payday.This simple adjustment accomplishes two things: 1. you stop accruing debt, and, 2. you’re actively saving and must go out of your way to access those savings.

If you are ok/good with money, but just got a little carried away, and find yourself in a not-so-good condition financially, I’d suggest:

  • 1 – Transfer any credit card debt to a zero % interest credit card, then immediately cut up the card and pay it off asap.
  • 2 – Sell and/or cancel anything else you spend frivolous interest on, then save and pay cash for everything in the future.

Once you have #1 and #2 done and are in a good place with your money and have SELF-control in place, here’s what’s next:

  • 3 – Open a credit card with PERKS and use it for your automatic bills monthly. Things like insurance, medical, cell phone, internet etc. and over time you will get cash back or a few flights to the beach of your choice, for FREE! Make the creditors WORK for YOU!
    My husband and I have flown cross-country for free thanks to credit card miles and we’re headed to another sunny vacation on free miles soon. Other family members will be flying for free as well due to good habits and having the credit cards work for us! Finances are meant to be a blessing to us and others if we handle them correctly and with diligence. But when we don’t, they are the very thing that can DESTROY lives and marriages.
    Don’t be like Sally… she’s stressed out every single day just to have a closet full of things that go outta style, a fru-fru hot drink in her hand, and a car that will be worth a measly $500 in a matter of years. Set yourself a budget that covers your bills, a YOU fund for the month for your special treats, money for giving and blessing others, and then send THE REST to that far-away savings account. Don’t look at it for a few months, then when you do, you’ll see how much you have SAVED and you’ll feel so proud of yourself, you’ll wanna dance a jig! When that raise is realized, send half of it to the savings as well and enjoy the rest! Your future self will thank you and take you out for a steak dinner and a new set of heels 🙂

Heather Mira is the adoring wife of her hubby, Jared, devoted mommy to their first child, Reuben Amos, and dog-whisperer to their furry French Bulldog, Frankie. She resides in the Pacific Northwest enjoying her life of frugal abundance while setting up their new nest in beautiful Washington State.