Haters gonna hate, but this guy’s got the goods. Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, added Super Bowl ring number 5 to his trophy case as he led his team to a stunning victory Sunday night at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas in an epic contest that included an amazing comeback and overtime finish. No other quarterback in the history of the NFL can boast of 5 Super Bowl championship wins, not to mention all of his other accolades, too many to list here.

I know, #notmyteam is trending, mouths are yapping, the gossip mill is churning but you can’t deny the achievements Brady has accomplished. And, C’mon, does anyone really believe he’s got what he’s got because he’s a cheater?

I didn’t have a dog in the fight, so I’m speaking from neutral ground, but it seems to me it’s a lot easier to sit around yapping criticism about a winner than it is to become a winner.

You know what really bugs me? Millions of men sit in chairs hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year watching, cheering, believing in, supporting and living through the dreams of men like Tom Brady, instead of living their own dream. Their fantasy football is the end all. Who-hoo.

Your quarterback may not be Tom Brady; perhaps you prefer Ben, Russell, Drew, Cam, Aaron, or someone else. I don’t know and I don’t care, but what I do care about is whose quarterback are YOU?

Every week, these guys on the field are somebody’s hero, someone’s leader, someone’s dream maker, their joy and delight, even their ‘jackpot’ if money’s on the game, while wives, sons and daughters, foster kids, nieces, nephews, neighbor kids, grandkids, young men at work, lonely widowers meander through life needing you to be their quarterback on the field, their leader, dream-maker and jackpot. Rather than living inside a football fantasy imagining Tom Brady’s cush life (even that’s in large part a fantasy, have you seen what this guy eats while you’re chowing on Big Macs checking scores?)  Click HERE to see what Tom and Giselle nosh on! And that’s only food.

And all the men said, “but Denise, ‘perfect wife, perfect LIFE!'” And I say, “suckers.” Nothing’s ever as it appears, people, get a life. The public sees the surface of things through blips on a screen. Real life is lived every day behind the scenes where the human struggle that only Tom Brady knows about, plays out. On top of his personal life issues as a son, a father, a husband, etc., this guy’s the CEO of a huge empire with so much to be concerned about, I wonder if he can ever truly rest. Just worrying about weirdo stalkers would keep this couple up at night! Any hoo, how about you stop fixating on how lucky Tom is and you be that STAR for those who need you to be?

Whose Miracle Man will you be in 2017?