Yesterday I touched briefly on my passion for natural remedies and how life-changing and liberating they’ve become for me.*

As a Mama, I’m especially delighted to see my adult children also pursuing health and healing outside of the traditional medical-pharmaceutical options for all sorts of issues from colds, sinus, flu, headaches, to menstrual cramps, muscle aches, and much more! I’m so proud of my daughters-in-law as they make huge efforts to learn about, then research and obtain the high-quality ingredients necessary to take such excellent care of their husbands and children. Natural remedies require considerable time and attention, versus popping pills and slamming cough meds, so the extra efforts are a huge commitment by these young wives and I admire their devotion!

Seeing my grandchildren being nurtured and taught these gentle forms of healing by their mothers is pure joy! The little angels look forward to having these aromatic, therapeutic grade essential oils with coconut oil massaged into their feet at night, and are daily learning valuable lifelong habits of drinking lots of pure water, avoiding sugar, white flour and dairy, while loving their green smoothies, fresh pressed juice, fresh fruits/veggies and living in an atmosphere at home where the fragrance of lavender, peppermint and lemon is pervasive as their mamas diffuse essential oil in the house day and night to encourage health, well-being, and to purify the air.

Today my daughter texted me this picture (featured image) of our precious little grandson having a ginger bath due to his fever. Ginger baths changed my life back in the 90s. Their effectiveness to fight illness and break fever was undeniable. Counterintuitively, the ginger bath was most effective when using the warmest water the patient could reasonably endure. (Treating fever with hot water seemed crazy!) But it worked almost miraculously.

Click HERE to read about the healing marvels of ginger! If I don’t have ginger on hand, I use epsom salt and baking soda with essential oils. (Here’s more detail on detox baths: Click on the link for more on detox baths!

It’s so satisfying to know that my grandchildren will be raised to understand that they have solid healing options that work, that don’t require a doctor’s visit and are holistic in that they enhance the health of the entire body, soul and spirit, without bringing any harm.

*I’m not a medical doctor; these methods are a few of my personal applications for greater health which I share from my experience, not as a medical expert.