Yes, I make a green smoothie like the one I’m sipping in this video, pretty much every day, rain or shine, like it or not. I consider it my medicine, so to speak, because I know it’s going to energize me, balance my hormones (which also balances my emotions which is a big deal for us humans), heal me, enhance my complexion, feed every cell in my body, combat inflammation which is a huge issue related to illness, help me fit into my jeans, you get the picture. It’s definitely not dessert, this I know – but regardless of the flavor 🙂 I can’t deny the benefits I’ve experienced by making this a habit in my life. Here’s what’s in it and I always use organic if possible-measurements are approximate:

1 cup berries-always blueberries, sometimes assorted

1 cup celery diced

2+ cups power greens, spinach, kale etc.

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1/4 fresh lemon including rind

1 chunk fresh ginger (amount as desired I use a lot!)

1 cup pure water and organic stevia if desired

…sometimes a banana, organic protein powder, maca, wilting cucumber, avocado, melon, romaine whatever is organic and fresh!

I’ve used a Bullet, a Ninja, a good ole blender and now a Vitamix my kids surprised me with at Mother’s Day (lucky mama!) and it beautifully mutilates everything so that it’s smooth and easy to consume. But use what you have and choke it down if necessary. You’ll be glad you did!

I’ve also juiced for periods of time over the years, but I don’t have the grace for that at the moment. It’s extremely time consuming for me as much as I love it and believe in it and I’m sure I’ll go back to juicing at some point but for now, my green smoothie is my go-to super-powered health blast.

Let’s drink to 2017 for greater health and happiness!