In midlife, sometimes
anxiety like a vice grip, comes to crush you.

Overwhelm like an ocean swell, looms large…
reminding you of all that’s undone, imperfect, incomplete, in disarray, off track.

The ‘whys?’ pile up, the pat answers aren’t working, the mountain before you seems higher, despite your furious toil.
Unsure of who you are, exactly, or what you’re doing or accomplishing…you’re busy piecing it all together sort of randomly with good intentions – but what is it you’re actually building??

The chaos whispers in your ear, taunting…
is this what failure feels like?


The buzzer on the call pad jolts you from your inner downward spiral of contemplation…
and in the hand of an unsuspecting soul, a gorgeous bouquet appears. An everyday miracle revealed in this crucial moment. Life and beauty and color and fragrance, wrapped in love.

God comes in many forms, and it is Him,
and He reminds you of exactly who you are, what’s important, how much you’re loved, and that He sees all the hidden things others don’t see, all the seeds you’ve planted, all the love you’ve tried so hard to express, all the sacrifices and genuine efforts you’ve made, every fervent prayer you’re praying.
And you exhale…
and peace comes with strength and fresh determination.
Oxygen to fuel your fire yet again – the flame rekindled.
And you press on, even more determined.

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