[continued from yesterday’s 1-19-17 blog]

The in-between is the hardest place to live. Waiting. Wondering. Scared. Uncertain. Knowing something needs to happen that YOU cannot make happen. This is the seat I was sitting in when the jarring gong sounded loudly in my heart about our adorable purebred Jack Russell terrier, Petey. He had to go. But where? How? He was amazing, but he was a ‘used’ pup. Not even a year old and almost an orphan because of us. Ugh. Our hearts meant well, but our lives and callings weren’t allowing Petey to have the life he needed. All the boys agreed 100% due to their various commitments. We were unified. (A dog, I know. But God cares about dogs, too, check out Proverbs 12:10) We had never invested so much in an animal emotionally, physically and financially and it was a little bit of a big deal for me.

I took action. That’s what has to happen to kick things into gear. Just do it, right?! After I made the call to the extremely surprised and not-so-thrilled passionate, diligent dog-loving breeder who couldn’t imagine handing off a pup, we prayed. And waited some more. Then, she phoned with a lead. A young family whose Jack Russell had passed and who longed for another pup to love, were very interested. Long story short, Leanne, Dan and Montana Jane thoughtfully arrived as Cindy and I cried some more, and they sensitively carried Petey away while handing me tissues! The perfect…no, stop and note…really truly honest-to-goodness perfect family adopted our animal baby. And got him a sister, Wasabi. And shortened his name to Pete. And then they engaged in lessons and contests and dog vacations and play dates and sent pictures and set up ‘visitations’ with us, his original owners.

This was 12 years ago. We’re still in touch and Pete went on to his reward last year after a dream dog-life. He was a champion, such a good little man. I’m so thankful he had a loving, caring family who allowed his potential to be developed by their constant care and initiative. He shined. Leanne and I met for some fabulous tea at Mad Hat last week and hugged and caught up on all of life. I adore her. And now she’s moving into her dream house on the Puget Sound and I’ll get to go float and see more pics of Pete and visit his surviving sibling, Wasabi.

I hope this tiny little miraculous story infuses you with hope to know that 1. there are still good people in the world and 2. thatĀ every little thing really does matter and 3. that God is in the details and He cares, truly cares about what we care about. Talk to Him about the things that matter to you and yours and make 2017 a miraculous year for you and those you love! And you never know, 4. the repercussions of your positiveĀ actions may bring you 12 years of friendship you had never anticipated!