YouTube Video: What I Know After 38 Years Of Marriage


Ever had one of those nightmares where you’re trying so hard to get to your destination, but you keep RUNNING IN PLACE??!?! 

Me, too.
Trying to resolve technical issues on this video I promised you yesterday.
Sorry it’s late!

And no, it won’t be perfect, but it will be real.

Kind of like marriage….

If you received my email earlier this week on MAWWIAGE, here’s the bonus follow-up video! 

38 years ago this week, 1000 people sat in yellow plastic chairs in Bellevue, Nebraska, watching hubby and I commit our lives to each other.

I was too young, single, and stupid to really know what I was giddily getting into LOL

I know a whole heckuva lot more by now, and in today’s video I’m dishing on some of the nitty gritty, raw and real, ofttimes brutal marathon called marriage! 

It’s not a ‘sermon’ or ‘a nauseating victory lap for Denise and Gregory,’ but a genuine convo from my heart.

Struggling in your marriage?? I hope you feel less alone as you watch.
Love it? Please share it with someone who needs it.

I’m praying for you.
So much love, Denise

Watch here…

The hand that rocks the cradle…Rocks the world.

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