I woke up the other day and began as usual with reading, meditation, prayer and journaling. Sounds textbook perfect so far, right??

But something came over me; you know…that heavy blanket of UGH that creeps upon us for no reason or for a million reasons and no prayer I prayed was bringing me relief.

S.O.S. somebody! At least some sympathy and/or encouragement would have helped. But I could find none from the busy humans nearby.

I kind of stomped out of the room where I’d been reading, a little mad and teary-eyed like a frustrated toddler….and as I walked across my apartment, I decidedly found my moxie, more than conquered my day and actually experienced some major breakthroughs. And I knew I had to share it in the context of parenting, because I know the battle that rages for the souls of our little ones and I know how much encouragement we parents need during the child-rearing years.

This principle I’m about to share is pure gold. It’s alway’s been an anchor for my soul, and after utilizing it for so many decades, it has become my default setting.

My strong muscle.

My defiant declaration.


You can bank on this one; even get the tattoo, because it’s that important to your destiny and the destiny of your children.

I don’t care what size you wear, what’s in your fridge, what your spouse is doing or not doing, if you live in a trailer or a mansion. I don’t care how much money you don’t have, how many diapers you changed yesterday, or how little sleep you got last night. I don’t care if grandma‘s not there to help you, or if you just lost your best friend, you have every single thing you need for TODAY and you darn well better conquer it.
With a happy heart.
Or to put it plainly, you’re screwed.

Instead of playing beggar, waiting for a hand-out, or envying those around you who have more, begin to use what meager things you have in your hand.

It’s not important what’s in your hand, but rather what you’re doing with what’s in your hand. By planting those stinkin’ little seeds you have today, whether it’s leftovers, library books, pencils and paper, a couple hours, limited understanding and knowledge, flashes of wisdom, a tattered old Bible, or a single valued friendship with another young mom, NAME IT, before you know it, what you invest that seems insignificant, begins to grow and multiply. Resources increase, relationships occur, and supernatural forces kick in, defying our natural limitations.

You will gain forward momentum that leads to increase by investing what you already have.

Victims only go backwards.

I can tell a victim by what consistently comes out of their mouth. What’s the script you work from? Enough with the, “I wish…if only…wouldn’t it be great…I hate…why, why WHY, sigh, sigh, SIGH….” These are confessions of a loser. Someone who is dooming themselves and their kids to slide downhill.
Stop it.

I can tell a victim by their consistent inconsistencies. Giving up. Never following through on practical plans and goals; always surrendering due to imperfect circumstances and discouragement.

Victims spend waaaay too much time on social media envying everyone else, too preoccupied living in someone else’s fantasy to attend to their own lives and marriages, their own precious children and their own homes.

I can tell a victim by their begging from others because they think another human being or enough money can save them, fix them, fix their kids, fix their marriages, fix their budget, fix their futures.

I can tell a victim by all the excuses they make for themselves and their children and their unhappy lot in life.

Don’t be tempted to think others have it easier. God knows the particular challenges each of us have been handed in life, and yes, just like the little meme on social media, ‘we are all fighting a battle no one else knows about.’ And no one else can fight my battles for me, they are exclusively mine, and I believe, with God’s help, I am fit for the challenge.

My best advice is this: look at what is there, rather than what is not there. Make a list of what you have and I promise you it will overshadow what you don’t have. And begin to ponder and pray about how you can best utilize your current resources as it relates to your parenting of those precious children who are looking to YOU for leadership. And make it a darn good week, despite your challenges.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought.” James 1:5 The Message

God bless you as you endeavor to WIN every single day as a parent! For more parenting POWER, download my E-book FREE for a limited time…

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