If I were to sum up the weekend that’s quickly coming to a close as I type, I have one word: relationships.

When I reflect on our journey, it’s also the word that sums up our families’ life purpose, no matter what else it is we’re doing, whether it’s working our jobs, creating, producing and performing music, sharing meals, attending meetings, writing blogs, grocery shopping, hosting young mama get-togethers, having Bible studies, building businesses…our hearts beat to connect meaningfully with other human beings.

This weekend was wonderfully satisfying. I can’t count the conversations had, the hugs shared, the friendships renewed, the new acquaintances made or the numbers of people involved in such. I couldn’t begin to name the names of all those interacting. Dear ones from South Africa to England and Poland,  to Tacoma, WA, to San Francisco, it was one, long, beautiful conversation. Yes, I’m tired, but my heart is full.

In 2017 I want to encourage you: refuse to live isolated. Relationships take time and effort and much investment in so many ways, but they truly make life worth living.