It’s a girl!

Our precious granddaughter arrived early this morning (ahead of her due date!) to change the world – that makes 6 grands so far – and Nana Denise is gah gah and although I’m 3,000 miles away from this holy moment, I’m so thankful for the technology that allows me to share in all is beauty!

BUT I’m especially thankful that my son and DDIL aren’t just my kids, but my dear, dear friends. We may be apart geographically but never in heart and spirit.


Which reminds me of a story I HAVE to share…

If you follow me, you know all of our married kids and grands moved away this summer and thankfully we had a month with our son (pictured here) and his fam; his darling expectant wife and our sweet granddaughter living with us while they transitioned.

They are so easy to live with! Pure joy.

One night my son, a gifted musician who needs his hands to be intact, was trying to open a corked bottle – a gift a friend had dropped by. It was a doozy and the cork wasn’t budging…and he was trying every single trick in the book to open it.

Meanwhile his annoying mother – ME! was following him through the house warning him not to cut his finger….CAREFUL! You need your hands…here try this instead…don’t shoot your eye out…blah blah blah…when he said, “Mama I’m 34 years old, I got this!”

I said, “NO you’re 10 and you’re my little boy and you’re in danger about to slice your hand open and I’m here to help save you!!!!” as I laughed out loud and gave him space.

Because…Mommy always wants to help no matter how old they are. (now I’m tearing up!) And then I said, “I’m sorry. I know.”

Oh, our hearts for our kids. We have to be careful that all our help doesn’t get all over everyone and make them CRAZY!!!!

I know you can relate if your kids are grown.

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