Paralyzed by fear?

Daunted by previous disappointment?

Crushed by the haters?

Timid by temperament?

Poor as a church mouse?

Desperate for change?

Just take the first step. That’s all. It’s seems insignificant in your thinking. How can a tiny little step make a difference in the scheme of things? But there is more power than you can imagine in your choice to throw that timid toe out in front of you! You know in your heart what that first step should be…or at least you’ve got a really good guess, so just…GO!

Forward momentum has occurred. Possibilities are now kicked into gear. You are no longer stuck because you have decided and initiated and you have a start. The engine is no longer idling. The car is moooooving….

I cannot tell you the times I’ve woken with a heavy heart, unsure and overwhelmed. Pondering life and drowning in uncertainty and sticky notes while sipping my warm lemon-cayenne water on auto-pilot. And then I do the next thing I know to do…make that phone call, post that ad, make that green smoothie, buy that book, write that card, lace up those shoes, set up that appointment, answer that email, agree to that interview and before I know what hit – the sky splits open, heaven shines down, and I know. My answer comes. My path is clear. My heart is light again. The next step toward my goal is evident. Hope carries me on…

All because I took that first step. Just do it. (And let me know how it worked out for you-I’d love to hear your story!) #neveravictim #noexcuses #conquer2017