Thank YOU!
You made my whole day.
Out of nowhere came shining light, giving me hope and strength, enabling me to be better, reach farther, comfort others, dream some more.

How, you ask?
With a couple of thoughtful sentences spoken from your heart, then typed on a keypad and sent to encourage me about the good you see in me.
‘Life and death are in the power of the tongue’ and you spoke LIFE. Living breathing organic words.
No small thing.

Lots of people think bright thoughts of others, but busyness, apathy, and fear steal their potential expression, extinguishing the flame meant to be shared. How much inspiration, confirmation, love, compassion, is wasted in the graves of timid souls who won’t break the atmosphere to insert their life-giving words?!

But not YOU. I’ll be thinking of you all day as this newfound spring in my step propels me forward…..MWAH!