Some of you reading this will be sending out birth announcements later this year. You’re only starry-eyed gazing into the future. Others of you are already in the thick of it; you’re the hovering mama with very few boundaries – and complete access – to those little people, 24/7. Your days may feel as if they have no beginning and no end because the noise and the needs roll on with very little pauseI’m here to remind you that one day, sooner than you know, you’ll be leaving little Junior a long distance voice mail on his birthday and you won’t be tripping over his toys in the middle of the night anymore. Sissy will be wearing a bra and heels and she won’t have time to bake cookies with you on the fly like she does now. How is it that I hardly had 90 seconds to put lotion on my legs for what seemed like two decades, and now I can spend an hour just sitting in a chair, thinking, if I choose to do so?! Life’s mysteries.

It’s as if the sands of time are flying through that hourglass at lightening speed when our children are busy growing up. And sometimes in this midlife season, I feel like a crazy woman, trying furiously in vain to grab the sand and put it back in the top of the hourglass as at times I mourn the bittersweet change in seasons. Can I have a do-over on that one? Just a few more days of yesterday, please?? Rewind to _____________________________???

Young mamas, resolve to live like you won’t see this day again, because you won’t. Someday you’re going to wish you could push that darlin’ in his swing or dig in the garden with that little one, but you just never had time for it. You’re going to wish you could read David and Goliath 20 times more to that hungry little heart, but guess what? Time’s up—door’s closed. That’s why we must live intentionally right where life has us living today! Time doesn’t wait. It runs ahead, a harsh taskmaster indeed. No one has lassoed time. It is like the grains of sand; it slips through our busy fingers.