So…are you busy  ‘re-framing’ your world? (January 7th blog)

Working on ‘Re-wiring’ your brain? (January 8th blog)

Reminding yourself that NO ONE else on the planet is responsible for your happiness? (January 2nd blog)

If so, you’re planting good seeds for 2017 that will bring you much good fruit! I promise you. Negativity begins in your thoughts, which create emotions, which determine your actions, which build your life. How you think is where it all begins.

I spotted this greeting card and it resonated with my spirit. I said, “YES!” Why not? Imagine: What if we woke up tomorrow and reminded ourselves that TODAY is the best day of the year? Then we did the same the next day, and the next day and….

I do believe #ralphwaldoemerson got this one right.

I’d love to hear your progress!

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