I’m dreaming again. (It seems I’ve always got a dream in the hopper.)

We all have dreams, and dreams are worth the investment it takes to get us there. If the dream is in your heart, you will find the time and the resources necessary, somehow, some way to move yourself forward to the goal.

I didn’t say we all have ‘wishes’ because wishes aren’t necessarily the same as dreams. Wishes can be fleeting fits of fancy…”oh, I wish I had an In ‘n Out burger, oh, I wish I were sitting on a beach, oh, I wish I had more money,” but a DREAM is seeded deeply within your heart and gut and spirit, driving you daily, driving you CRAZY until you achieve it, compelling you to choose between this or that, urging you forward to make the sacrifice, do the research, find the money, skip the excessive Facebook time, turn off the phone, sweat, and give yourself to it, whatever it takes.

I’ve been digging through and organizing boxes full of files. I’m a save-that-memory freak, and as I bump into particular documents and photos, I’m reminded of my journey, my race, my battle to WIN the past three-plus decades! I’m reminded of the dreams, the sacrifices, the commitments that were worth every ounce of my strength and every hour of my day to get me and my family where I saw us going.

What I’ve found to be true, is this…

When you’re in the process of pursuit, you don’t often have the benefit of personal trainers, life coaches, money rolling in or fans cheering you on. You may not even have goosebumps.

It is mostly just YOU.

Your quiet faith.

Your silent, burning, dream. And if you’re lucky, someone walking with you who shares your dream.

Just because you walk alone, doesn’t mean your dream is not legitimate or worthwhile. Your dream is your dream, after all.
Don’t stop dreaming.
Dream big, but start small.

[Oh, and don’t forget the jeering voices of doubt. Silent, imagined, or real. They will always be there if you have a worthy dream.]

Until next time, keep the dream alive!