Christmas week I woke to this gorgeous view – a frosty winter morning here in Washington State.

Every season has so much beauty when we take time to notice; when we decide to be intentional about finding the gold hiding inside our current reality.

So instead of wishing you a vague, trite “Happy New Year!” I want to share a few of my favorite things to truly enhance your experience in 2021!

The BEST $3.99 you’ll spend in 2021!

I was soaking my tired bones in a lavender epsom salt bath recently, and found this movie sitting in my Amazon Prime account. Quite frankly, it took me back. ?

Let me explain.
I’m married to a giant; a man’s man who is naturally gifted at self-discipline, goal setting, taking charge, inspiring those around him and crushing it, whatever it is.

So… this wasn’t typically the kind of movie he tends to rent.?

Well, seeing it had a limited number of hours left on its rental, this girl pushed ‘play’ and for the next 97 minutes was nothing less than riveted.

Entertaining. Inspirational. Deeply moving. Transformational. Miraculous.

Just do it. You won’t look back.

Speaking of ‘tired bones’….in one single word: **THIS**

In a nutshell, I get the sense this guy cherry-picked his top EASY, passive stretches to address any of 650 achey, sore muscles that may be ailing you.

1. The stretching video is 40 minutes of Dr. Platt walking and talking you through each stretch carefully. I encourage you to commit to doing the entire routine of stretches ONCE to comprehend the breadth of his approach, unique philosophy and muscle magic!

2. Then, YOU can pick and choose your favs and quickly use them throughout your busy day – in the kitchen, the cubicle, your daily walk, wherever – to address what you need to address.

3. Relief! Dr. Platt’s style of stretching doesn’t feel like work and striving and one more to-do on my list.

It’s delightful therapy bringing forward growth and healing?.

You’re welcome!

Drugs don’t work. Try this instead…

Victory awaits YOU.

Click ‘play’ on this one little podcast, (skip the annoying ads) and in about 20 minutes EVERYTHING WILL LOOK DIFFERENT…

3 Mental Self-Care Habits of the Happiest People.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is my go-to for ‘all things mental.’ Whether anxiety, overthinking, depression, or confusion try to plague you, she has a gift wrapped in faith, based in science to FREE you!

Many of her podcasts are brief, however I can listen on 1.5 speed and get my daily dose of brain power in a few amazing minutes.

Empowering. Faith building. Transformational. Miraculous.

‘Seasons.’ The song I’m currently playing on repeat.

Sometimes a song is more than a song – it’s an anthem bridging the ‘now’ season to the future God is bringing, and it lifts our hearts and builds our faith and reminds us of the prophetic promises we cling to.

2020 was a doozy for all of us…but it’s not the end of the story, nope.

Give Seasons a listen. It may be the sweetest treat of the season for you!

Lobbing off the clutter in all its forms!

Earlier this year, I created a video about cleaning out the clutter. Then I took action, and moved mountains!

I’ve sold well over 70 miscellaneous items on cyber selling sites, hauled off multiple overflowing boxes to the Goodwill, handed off numerous former treasures to friends and family, shredded hundreds of sheets of unnecessary documents, and just chopped several inches off my golden locks.

Every single time something disappears, my heart is happier, and my spirit lighter.

Don Aslett, founder and president of one of the USA’s largest cleaning firms and author of Clutter’s Last Stand says this…

“I have found that every one of us is a junker – and that it is the SINGLE biggest reason for personal unhappiness.

Getting the clutter out of your life can and will rid you of more discouragement, tiredness and boredom than ANYTHING else you can do.”


Just DO IT! Need some inspiration? Check out my video on the topic!

I hope you find these favorites of mine helpful and inspiring in your 2021 journey!

May God bless you with His presence and guidance in this New Year, as you draw near to Him.

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