So funny how the tables turn when we reach mid life. I always thought my job was encouraging, prodding, pushing, and exhorting my five sons, but now, they’re my heroes. They have challenged me, strengthened me, comforted me, quelled my fears, stood with me, called out my best qualities, reinforced my faith, and given me more than I could have ever given them.

I’ve written myself so many little snippets of rebuke and encouragement.
“Nothing is done without resistance and challenges.”
“No one can do this for me.”
“Ruthless focus.” on sticky notes on my desk.
Little impassioned mental ‘fist pumps’ to charge my engine in my effort to get my projects completed, as I’m seemingly running in place at times, unable to get the traction I’ve so desperately needed to move forward.

And then, I’d ponder my five sons. 

They work themselves silly to achieve so much and never, ever, EVER quit. Watching them burn the midnight oil countless times over the years while they tirelessly study, practice, employ the wisdom of others, learn the app, watch the YouTube, read the manual, whatever it takes, and they believe until they reach their mountain tops – they’ve reached several and are always reaching for higher and more difficult ones.

They’re entrepreneurs and businessmen; creative and inspiring souls and philosophers extraordinaire. They’ve walked the plank despite the incredible odds, multiplicity of discouragements, crows cawing and haters hating. They’ve taken BOLD and daring leaps of faith time and time again, and often very much alone and under incredible pressures both internal and external. Blows my mind.

I’ve thought of them so much while fighting my own tears of frustration, doubt, and fear, as I’ve been in the black hole underground, in isolation, digging the foundation for the project I’m working on. The daunting pressure I’ve felt has seemed indomitable and the heavy cloud over my being has, at times, been palpable, but throughout the fight I “see” them in my mind’s eye engaged in their challenges the many years I’ve lived life around them, and I’m reminded that this dumb little hill of mine is DO-ABLE.

Today is one of those moments.

I was sitting at my computer chipping away at my personal ‘Mt. Rainier’ just an hour ago when I got the news that SURPRISE! they’ve been invited back for Day Two of the prestigious 107.7 The End annual Seattle music festival, Summer Camp 2017, to perform yet another, even longer set of their all-original music. They kicked off the festival as the opening act yesterday on Day One, and in the words of 107.7 The End radio station,   “After absolutely crushing Summer Camp Day 1 at Marymoor Park, The Fame Riot are returning to play Day 2…” <<< click here for story!

A laundry list of bands could have been chosen from the deep bench of available, excellent Seattle musicians, or they could have selected from the illustrious headliners like Metric, Vance Joy, Bishop Briggs, Missio, New Politics, Sir Sly, K.Flay, who traveled thousands of miles to be here, but as fate would have it, my boys were the ones chosen to fill the spot.

They are my heart, my life, my very own personal rockstars, and I celebrate with them at this wonderful opportunity that they’ve worked so hard to clench, and I’m reminded again to press on toward the mark I’m shooting for.

It’s Do-able. (Thanks again, boys.)